RMC pays tribute to former First Lady Nancy Reagan

As former First Lady Nancy Reagan is laid to rest today, the National Board and Leadership of the Republican Majority for Choice extend condolences to the Reagan Family and friends.

Remembered fondly for her compassion and deep love of GOP hero President Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Reagan was also an advocate for many important causes in her own right.  She championed the anti-drug campaign, “Just Say No” and worked tirelessly to educate American youth on the dangers of drug abuse. Following the passing of President Reagan, Mrs. Reagan became a devoted advocate for Alzheimer’s research and was active in the fight to advance embryonic stem cell research. Mrs. Reagan understood that reproductive choices are not black and white and that women and families must have the ability to determine what is best for them, free from government control. While stating that she was personally opposed to abortion, Mrs. Reagan said, “On the other hand, I believe in a woman’s choice.”

Mrs. Reagan remains a symbol of a time when civility and pragmatism were vital in politics, an era when compromise, bipartisanship and pragmatic solutions were valued.  Her grace, strength and devotion to the American people and many important causes will be missed.

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