It’s Business as Usual in the Senate Judiciary Committee…

Another Day, Another Ban.

While voters across the country are asserting their distrust of Washington, it’s sadly business as usual in the US Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yesterday, the all male, all anti-choice, majority on the Judiciary Committee pushed an abortion ban that does nothing to advance women’s health and safety but regrettably will expand big government control of personal medical decisions.

This measure bans abortion pre-viability, it’s unconstitutional and already failed to pass the Senate just six months ago. 

The bill bans abortion after twenty-weeks.  Remember nearly 99% of abortions happen before this time. When they do occur later in pregnancy, it is often because of very complex issues involving rare, severe fetal anomalies and serious risks to a woman’s health.

This bill also penalizes rape victims by forcing them to wait 48 hours and to see two different providers before having access to abortion.

Lawmakers should be smart enough to understand these are times when women and families must turn to their doctor to explore all medical options, NOT have those options controlled and limited by their Senator.

Help RMC tell the Judiciary Committee that REAL Republicans want a stop to the constant focus and attacks on reproductive rights.

CLICK HERE to donate and support RMC’s April lobby day when we’ll bring your voice directly to lawmakers.

You can also call 202-224-5225 and tell the Senate Judiciary Committee we don’t need politicians to make medical decisions for families, we need them to lead our nation on the core issues of jobs, the economy and national security.

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