Trumps attempt to woo social extremists backfires – Now what?

WASHINGTON, DC -Today the Republican Majority for Choice called on Donald Trump to stop pandering to social extremists and learn about the real complexities involved in women’s reproductive health policy.

“That a Presidential candidate could contemplate, much less verbalize, criminalizing women for making a medical choice crystalizes the lack of understanding Mr. Trump has on this complex issue that affects the economic and social health of countless women and families,” said Susan Bevan, RMC National Co-Chair. “Trump’s ill-informed rant not only showed his lack of knowledge but highlighted his game plan to say anything to lock up the social extremists’ vote – this time it backfired and even anti-choice advocates were running for the hills.”

When asked yesterday if he believed in punishment for abortion if the procedure was outlawed, Mr. Trump stated that he believed that women who choose an abortion should be punished.  Recognizing his political misstep, Trump back tracked from his statement and pointed his target at punishing doctors who perform abortions.

“Mr. Trump has built a brand of shock politics that often fails to reach below the surface level. But, when we are talking about policies that directly impact the health and wellness of countless American families that is very dangerous.” said Candace Straight, RMC National Co-Chair.

“Trump claims to be a new kind of politician who puts solutions before special interests. Now that he has admitted he was wrong, we want to know what Trump would actually do when it comes to reproductive health policy,” continued Straight. “Can women count on him to protect the family planning services of Planned Parenthood?  Would he support innovative IUD and LARC programs that are proving to lower the rate of unintended pregnancy and abortions across the country? Can we expect real policy ideas or just more of the same sensational and guileless remarks?”

Is it time for real Republicans to take a stand and make it clear that hostility against women has no place in our party.

2 Comments on “Trumps attempt to woo social extremists backfires – Now what?”

  1. Msmensa says:

    I’m a big supporter of Rep for Choice, but you’re not correctly stating the question Chris Matthews asked Trump. The question was: “IF abortion becomes illegal,…” ILLEGAL…ILLEGAL…NOT LEGAL…etc. Yes, it was a gottcha question that demonstrates how irrational the pro-life stand is. But you’re misleading voters by stating simply that Trump said that “women who have an abortion should be punished in some way.”

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