Common Sense Republicans Hold Meetings with Supreme Court Nominee

As many Democrats cling to the hashtag #DoYourJob in reference to some Republican senators who refuse to consider Judge Merrick Garland as President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, a few positive actions are being overlooked. Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Mark Kirk (IL) are meeting with the nominee– something many Republicans won’t even consider.

On Tuesday, Senator Collins noted that she is “more convinced than ever” that Merrick Garland should have hearings after having a conversation with the nominee. After meeting with him on Capitol Hill for more than an hour and becoming only one of two Republican senators that have called for a hearing, she recalled his humility and long line of accomplishments that would make him a good fit for the position. Though she believes she is unlikely to change the minds of her colleagues in the Senate, the Chicago Tribune noted that “Collins said Garland is well-informed and thoughtful and that her colleagues would be impressed with him. She has spoken out at caucus meetings to try to convince others to have meetings and support hearings.”

Senator Mark Kirk also met with Judge Garland, touting him as “one of the most eminent jurists in the country.” Kirk noted the closed-minded nature of his colleagues that are refusing to give the nominee a chance. Particularly aiming this viewpoint at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kirk stated “By leading by example, I’m showing what a rational, responsible guy would do that really wants the constitutional process to go forward.”

An even more thoughtful way to perceive this issue is the possibility of our next President being a Democrat and he or she nominating someone who is considerably more liberal than Judge Garland. The nominee’s quite centrist viewpoints on a lot of issues the Court is facing could prove the best possibility for both parties– and the most fair compromise.

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