The GOP Convention officially kicked off and has already kicked women and family planning to the curb.

Mr. Trump’s VP pick, Gov. Mike Pence, is one of the most anti-choice and anti- family planning leaders in the nation, and the GOP Platform is the most socially extreme yet. Beyond the typical language calling for a Constitutional amendment banning all abortion, the platform condemns stem cell research and fact-based sex education and pushes for largely ineffective abstinence until marriage.

Come on GOP, it’s time to put solutions first. If you want to condemn abortion rights, then at least support solutions that are working to lower teen and unplanned pregnancy. At least recognize the very real ECONOMIC impact that family planning decisions have on all American families and on taxpayers.

While our nation spends $9.4 BILLION dollars on teen pregnancies each year (the majority of which are unplanned), we know that a small investment in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program has helped lower the rate of Teen Pregnancy by 29%. We also know that Medicaid pays for 48% percent of all births in the U.S. The average national cost for one Medicaid-covered birth is $12,770, while the annual per-client cost for publicly funded contraceptive care is estimated to be only $239.

Is it any wonder that this is the scene from today’s “Women for Trump” Event? Fewer than twenty people attended!

Family planning issues ARE economic issues and the GOP is missing a huge opportunity to stand up for what is working and stand up for the American families for which they claim to be fighting.
WfT July 18 Convention.jpg

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