What are you going to do, Susan?

Check out our National Co-Chair Susan Bevan’s latest opinion piece running in the Huffington Post. Frustrated by the degradation of our political system and the discourse in this Presidential cycle, she answers the question “What are you going to do, Susan?”

Susan explains her position in this Presidential election and the hope that real Republicans can work together to get our party back on track. The piece also outlines how RMC has been steadfastly focused on our legislative and education efforts AND on supporting the mainstream Republicans running for Congress. These Congressional leaders are now more important than ever, as they will ensure there will be balance of power in our government. 

“We can all yell, show our outrage and demand better from our Party — and we should — but we need to do more. As a life-long Republican, I believe that when my Party is so off track, it is not my role to follow blindly but to call out what is wrong, support those who stand on principle and push hard to get us back onto the right path. I have not abandoned my Party; the chosen GOP candidate has abandoned the principles that I, and so many Republicans, hold dear.

Take a moment to read the full piece and let us know your views!



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