RMC Election Update & Statement

The results are in and we want to congratulate key mainstream Republicans who won their re-election bids.  US Senator Lisa Murkowski was re-elected in Alaska and will be a critical voice in the Senate and an important line of defense for our limited government ideals.  We congratulate Congressman Charlie Dent on his win in Pennsylvania. His leadership as the Chair of the mainstream Tuesday Group Caucus is now more important than ever.  We also congratulate New Jersey Congressman Rodney Frelinghysen on his re-election; his role in GOP leadership will be a vital voice for putting solutions first.

There are also over two dozen Republicans with whom RMC and our partners have been working to gain support for preventive care programs like Title X and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.  With GOP control of the House, Senate and White House we must ensure that more Republican voices understand these programs are key for millions of women and families having access to basic reproductive information, contraception and care.

Donald Trump has scored an historic victory in the Electoral College for which he should be congratulated. Like many across the nation we greet today with concern, but also with hope that President elect Trump will reach out to all Americans to be part of the process of healing our divided nation, an opportunity we welcome.

In his election night speech, President elect Trump pledged to fight for every single American to have the opportunity to realize their full potential.  This sentiment must extend to finding solutions for economic and social issues that affect all Americans from all backgrounds and all socio-economic means.

It’s clear voters responded to Donald Trump’s declarations that Washington is broken.  With the results confirmed, we must look to the future. Now is the time for thoughtful review, not hasty actions that could have irrevocable results.  As a Republican organization focused on limiting government control of personal choices, we urge President elect Trump to stand by his call for common ground over hostility.  We hope to see a President who will be the outside of the box leader many expect and bring new groups to the table to begin that common ground work.

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