Republicans Support Prevention Programs!

Check out this new polling released by The National Campaign to prevent Teen and Unintended Pregnancy. It shows broad Bi-Partisan public support for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program, the Personal Responsibility Program (PREP), and the Title X Family Planning program:

* 85% of adults (including 75% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats) support current federal efforts to prevent teen pregnancy through the evidence-based TPP Program and PREP.

* 75% of adults (including 66% of Republicans and 84% of Democrats) support Title X, the federal program that provides free or low cost birth control to those making $30,000 a year or less.

These programs were targeted to be zeroed out by some in the GOP but are programs that actually lower the rate of teen and unintended pregnancy leading to fewer abortions and financially savings for families and taxpayers. For more on the polling click here…/survey-says-january-2017

These are the types of programs RMC will be championing this year. Thank you for your calls and emails and stay tuned for our new action agenda coming to you soon. We need you to help us get Congress to support proven effective preventive programs that work.

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