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  1. cafeteriaplan says:

    I am SO glad I found this blog. I added a link to it from my very small (eg.unread) blog!!!

  2. Carol Mannon says:

    Given the current state of the Republican Party, I fear that “choice”, “moderate”, and Republican are not likely to be in the same sentence. The party has been taken over by the fringe right.

  3. Sally says:

    I am glad to have found this site!

    What is RMC’s stance on same-sex marriage? I am a heterosexual who thinks the issue falls into the same category as abortion; it’s no one’s business but my own and certainly not the governments. Maybe I haven’t read enough but so far no mention of this issue . . .

    • Amy says:

      Dear Sally,

      So glad you found RMC’s site. Our legal charter only covers us to advocate for the protection of reproductive rights. However, we enjoy strong partnerships with many organizations including the Log Cabin Republicans, as we support similar candidates who promote limited government.

      • Sally says:

        Thanks for your reply and answering my question. I’ve become a delusioned Republican and glad there are people out there who feel the same.
        I’m looking forward to finding a way to help.

  4. Ann H. says:

    I just found this blog through googling “pro-choice republican.” Glad this exists. I’m a 52-year old women of young kids who yearns for the original Republican party–not the one highjacked by the moral majority.

    How do the college Republican organizations accept this blog and its message?

  5. Rayilyn Brown says:

    I changed from Republican to Democrat in 2001. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1996 and didn’t like the GOP’s general position on stem cell research or the war for that matter. The rise of the Tea Party has meant the complete takeover of the party by right-wing nut-jobs. I wish all remaining RINOs good luck.

    • Amy says:


      Not all Republicans are adverse to stem cell research. In fact, a slew of elected Republicans support not only stem cell research, but also the possibly life-saving embryonic stem cell research. Although previous Republican administrations failed to adequately support embryonic stem cell research, this is not the sentiment of the entire party. RMC and our endorsed candidates/ legislators understand and value scientific progress. Recent extreme candidates have projected a false image, misconstruing the entire Party as far-right. Their regressive platforms may have been heard the loudest during the election, but moderate Republicans remain constant and enduring, beyond midterm hype. Do not let a few shrill candidates speak for the entire party, commonsense Republicans exist and were elected just last week! Be well!

      • Msmensa says:

        I recently asked a recently retired PhD cancer researcher at Bethesda (Yep, the famous one) if embryonic stem cells are better than adult stem cells for cancer research. “There’s no comparison”, he said. “Embryonic cells are FAR SUPERIOR,” he insisted.
        HOW have we allowed the kooky EXTREME-right to infiltrate our previously sensible party?????

  6. Gina Proulx says:

    Just wanted to express my respects to this site, and the people who are running it. I honestly didn’t know there were Republicans who were pro choice.. (No disrepect intended.) I’m actually a Democrat.. But I think I’ll visit your page periodically to read your calm and respectful perspective.. Am I sounding weak if I say that I think both parties may have good points on any given issue? Like some of the comments I’ve read on this site, I miss common sense and respectful discourse.. On both sides..

    Anyway, Thanks for reading..


    Gina Elliott Proulx

  7. […] And if you think those are sites run by a bunch of godless liberals, consider learning about the Republican Majority for Choice. As Texans battle to reallocate funds away from the destructive industry that is abortion, we also […]

  8. Brenda Bolton says:

    This website helps show the world that the extremist views of some calling themselves republicans do not represent what the party has long stood for. Recently, when I criticized extremist positions, a friend was offended and said, “I took it personally because I AM a republican woman.” To All republican women: YOU ARE NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH THE FAR RIGHT EXTREMIST VIEWS AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CARRY THAT BURDEN. When anyone criticizes extremists, they are NOT talking about the views this party has always stood for!

  9. Don Kirk says:

    Both major parties are self-contradictory about choice. They both flip their positions on a woman’s choice over either her reproduction or on school vouchers, in one case demanding she has the choice and in the other case denying she has the choice.

    Isn’t long past time that the center-Left and center-Right in this country break away from the extremists in their established party, and then join to form a new, bipartisan, independent-thinking political party committed to the one philosophy–not ideology–of the moral in human choice?

    “Over (her) mind and body the individual is sovereign.” J.S. Mill

    • Sally says:

      Yes it is time! Let’s do it! How?

    • Ken Allison says:

      You’re right Don, I’m pro-choice not just about abortion, but also about schools and Right-to-Work where the Democrats have succeeded in restricting choice for the benefit of anti-choice Union power. There has long been a party which advocates more individual choice and freedom, but the Libertarian Party has served so far only to be “spoiler” in allowing some Democrats to be elected. I voted Libertarian once over Reagan/Carter as a naive college student, but Reagan turned out OK on economics and abortion rights were not endangered.
      Abortion is not a realistic issue on the national stage now, with support for some legal abortion probably exceeding 70%.
      The “Tea Party” was supposed to be focused on economics. With that, they made amazing gains in 2010. Unfortunately, GOP primary voters went with too many Republicans who could not get the independent and economically illiterate vote in the general election. I would have voted for Akin or Mourdock. Yes, they said some dumb things under questioning, but they were not going to seriously threaten our individual freedoms. I find free speech and religious tolerance now to be threatened more from the left than from the GOP.
      Another point, Don: your use of the term “bipartisan” implies “two”, but new parties would make “multipartisan” more appropriate.

      • GOP Choice says:

        Hi Ken,

        Attacks on reproductive rights have increased tenfold in the past few years, especially since the rise of the far-right fringe social extremism often accompanying the Tea Party. Anti-choice extremists across the country have introduced over one thousand measures this legislative session alone aimed at decimating access to, funding for and/or legality of reproductive health and family planning services. And women’s personal freedom’s and reproductive health have suffered because of it. (And Representative Todd Akin has authored and endorsed a number of these anti-choice bills within the Missouri state legislature.) For more info on such legislation, please check out the RMC website’s State and Federal legislation “Watch List” :http://www.gopchoice.org/watch-list/ Thanks!

  10. Msmensa says:

    Because of the “prisoner exchange”, I decided to watch msnbc today to cheerfully watch the liberal pundits attempt to wiggle out of this mess Obama’s put us in.
    But what I heard was terrifying: Nancy Pelosi and other dem spokeswomen started their now-precise “War on Women” strategy. We’re in trouble…it’s good. Of course abortion choice is part of it but so are pay discrepancy and strong examples of how old white Republican men are working to keep women “in their place!”
    Instead of allowing our extreme-right kooks to obsess over social issues, our R Party better start looking at sensible ways to counter the dems’ “War on Women!” If we don’t accept that their W on W strategy WILL work for them,, we’re gonna lose AGAIN!
    Just SAYING “the War on Women” is invalid won’t help us win our important fiscal policies. Simply denying the W on W exists (as Hannity, O’Reilly, Ingraham, Huckebee et al insist…is a guaranteed loser strategy!

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