Keep the Pressure on!

Your voice is being heard. Thanks to your calls, petitions, letters—  and even tweets— this week the Senate passed a budget bill free of any attacks on women’s reproductive health.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately (and we don’t blame you!) you might wonder what women’s health care has to do with the congressional budget. Well, Congress is desperate to agree on a budget bill by Midnight tonight in order to avert a government shut down. But, due to the recent controversy over sting videos attacking Planned Parenthood, some anti-choice members of Congress have been targeting federal funds for the preventive health services Planned Parenthood provides, and pushing for a government shutdown if they don’t get their way.

Real Republicans are fighting back. 

  • Thanks to your support, these extremist efforts were unsuccessful in the Senate and a clean budget passed.
  • Yesterday, mainstream Republicans in the House voted against an anti-choice bill that would have modified Medicaid regulations to purposefully exclude Planned Parenthood providers. In other words, forcing Americans who rely on these providers to find new doctors. Congressman Richard Hanna (NY-22) had this to say about this despicable bill:

    I oppose this legislation because it tells low-income and disabled New Yorkers that they can no longer see the doctor of their choosing.  If you like your doctor, you should be able to keep them.

  • Today, some of these same Republicans voted against an effort to sneak a defund measure back in to the House budget bill. 

These are mounting victories– but the fight is far from over. 

Even in the final hours, anti-choice members of the House pushed for ANOTHER vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Fortunately, a clean budget bill will go to the President to sign, and the doors of government will remain open, but we need to keep the pressure on. These extremists need to know these attacks are unacceptable.  

Make a contribution to RMC today to help us keep up these round-the-clock lobbying efforts. 

Republicans in the States Push for Improvements to Sex Education

While anti-choice lawmakers are voting day after day for bills to defund Planned Parenthood, to restrict when women can receive abortions, and to simply hinder women’s reproductive rights, progress is being made at the state level. Unconcerned with the political fear-mongering and sensationalism on Capitol Hill, state legislators are reaching across the aisle and doing bipartisan work to better the education of their constituents. When misinformation is at an all-time high, there is no better time to improve sex education in the U.S.

In North Carolina House we find strong Republican support for a bill that would expand the qualifications for sex education curriculum. You might expect that this is a push to include misinformation often touted by anti-choice legislators but this is not the case! Materials used in the curriculum must now be peer reviewed, scientific, and accepted by credentialed “sexual health education” experts. There was another version of the bill that would have allowed only “credentialed experts”, but the addition of the “sexual health education” aspect helps ensure that the middle school youths this bill targets receive proper, evidence-based education. The topics under which these materials fall include STIs, contraception, sexual abuse, and a newly added sex trafficking prevention. Concern remains regarding the presence of materials with religious backgrounds instead of scientific and will be explored further in the coming weeks.

Legislators in Michigan are tackling a different issue in sex education: consent. The state has been working hard to stop sexual assaults, an issue that has risen to prominence as they’ve become more widely reported on college campuses across the country. Sex education often focuses on the facts around sex, whether it’s about STIs or about various methods of contraception, but it does not always venture into the topic of the initial engagement of activity. The new legislation introduced in Michigan aims to require Michigan schools to include consent in their sex education. Dubbed the “yes means yes” bill, it will make a direct line of “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” for consent to be taught to students.

Sex education is a topic in the unique position to influence all other reproductive health issues. Better sex education prevents unintended and teen pregnancies. This in turn prevents abortions. It prevents the contraction of STIs and it informs of the numerous methods of contraception. It teaches people when it is appropriate to engage in sexual activity and when it is not. Sex education is in many ways the most important topic in reproductive health legislation. And the progress made in these two states should be lauded and imitated by the rest of the country.

#RealRepublicans Champion Choice on the Senate Floor

This morning, thanks to the efforts of mainstream Republicans, the Senate blocked HR 36, an extreme measure that would have outlawed abortions prior to viability, while placing intrusive and unnecessary restrictions on victims of rape and incest. With the help of mainstream Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Mark Kirk (IL), the procedural vote failed 54 to 42, falling short of the 60 vote threshold needed.

RMC continues to work with these leaders, challenging the almost daily attacks on reproductive healthcare. We need your help today. Whether it’s $25 or $250, make a contribution today to ensure pro-choice Republicans have the support they need.

Choice champion Senator Susan Collins spoke out against this bill on the Senate floor, calling on her colleagues in the GOP to stop criminalizing physicians and endangering the health of American women.   

“Under this bill, Mr. President, a doctor who performed such an abortion after 20 weeks to prevent grievous physical injury to the pregnant woman would be subject to criminal penalties of up to five years in prison.   Do we really want to make a criminal out of a physician who is trying to prevent a woman with preeclampsia from suffering damage to her kidneys or liver or having a stroke or seizures? 

Do we want the threat of prison for a doctor who knows that his pregnant patient needs chemotherapy or radiation treatments?

If a woman has the terrible misfortune to have a serious infection of the amniotic fluid that threatens her physical health and her ability to have children in the future, do we want her doctor to be unable to perform an abortion because he faces the prospect of years in prison if he terminates her pregnancy?”

While some anti-choice members of Congress are pushing to defund preventive family planning programs and threatening to shut down the government, RMC understands that medicine should be left to the medical professionals, and that women’s health and wellbeing should always come first.

This is the kind of common sense governing we want to see more of.

Mainstream Republicans Fight for Family Planning

Rather than focusing on policies that will help put American families back on track, anti-choice members of the U.S. House of Representatives have once again shown how little they understand the economic impact of access to preventive health care. 

On Friday the House voted to block all federal funding for all Planned Parenthoods unless the reproductive health provider stops offering abortion services. It is already federal law that NO federal funds can be used for abortion so this cut would only effect the preventive health care for millions of families.

Mainstream Republicans fought back working to again bridge the gap between the extreme wings of both parties. 

Congressmen Charlie Dent (PA-15), Robert Dold (IL-10), and Richard Hanna (NY-22) understand the critical importance of reproductive healthcare for all women and families and voted to protect Planned Parenthood funding.

As Real Republicans, we know investing in family planning programs has social and economic benefits for all Americans. Just one dollar invested in contraceptive care saves over $7 in TAXPAYER dollars. It’s time for our political leaders to stop using women’s health to score political points and put families first. 

Said Congressman Hanna this week, “The American people are fed up with inaction and political theater. So am I. Washington needs to grow up, stop deceiving the American people and do its job.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Join RMC in saying thank you to these leaders. They need to hear from YOU.

Show your thanks on Twitter, share this message on Facebook or call the Congressmen personally today. They need to hear from you!

Thank you for voting against the House effort to Defund Planned Parenthood, and for recognizing that access to reproductive health care is fundamental to women’s lives and prosperity.

Representative Charlie Dent (202) 225-6411
Representative Bob Dold  (202) 225-4835
Representative Richard Hanna (202) 225-3665

House votes to defund Planned Parenthood — but Real Republicans fight back!

Help RMC say Thank You!

Anti-choice members of Congress continue to push to strip funding for family planning providers and programs. Today, anti-choice members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood. But, what you won’t see in the headlines are those working behind the scenes, Real Republicans who once again stood up to the mob and said ENOUGH. 

Congressmen Charlie Dent (PA-15) and Bob Dold (IL-10) led an effort this week to protect Planned Parenthood funding and ensure women and families retain access to the important preventive health care services they provide– from family planning options to cancer screenings and STI testing and treatment. 

Help RMC say THANK YOU to these Republicans who put their values first. They need to hear from you. They need to know there are Republicans across the country that will stand behind them and support these efforts. 

The recent controversy should not come at the expense of the millions of women who rely on Planned Parenthood for fundamental health care needs. These leaders know that investing in preventive family planning programs provides long term cost savings for taxpayers and has social and economic benefits for families nationwide. Join RMC in saying thank you today!


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