Hot News Stories (3/18/15)

CBS News (USA)
A group of pro-choice Senators on Tuesday blocked an anti-human trafficking bill over a controversial anti-choice provision.

Northwest Herald (Springfield, IL) 
Some anti-choice Illinois lawmakers are seeking to require extraneous inspections for all the state’s family planning clinics that offer abortion services. Critics allege it is a veiled effort to restrict women’s access to the procedure.

Arkansas News (Little Rock, AK)
The Arkansas Senate on Tuesday gave final passage to a bill to place new restrictions on use of the abortion-inducing drug RU-486, although medical experts feel these restrictions are out of date and increase the likelihood of complications arising. 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)
A group of anti-choice protesters have agreed to drop a remaining federal claim accusing the city of Pittsburgh of selectively enforcing its 15-foot buffer zone ordinance so that they can appeal a judge’s March 6 ruling dismissing their other claims against the ordinance.

Hot News Stories (3/17/15)

Arizona Republic (Tucson, AZ)
Once again, the Arizona Legislature has taken up the mantle of limiting women’s access to reproductive healthcare.  The latest example of this would prohibit individuals from using their own money to purchase insurance coverage of abortion.

Healthcare News (USA)
An Iowa Supreme Court case about medical abortions performed through telemedicine could have broader implications for the power of state medical boards to restrict telehealth services.

KOAT News (Albuquerque, NM)
A New Mexico Senate panel has tabled two anti-choice bills after they were blocked in committee.  One bill was aimed at banning abortions and the second would require parental notification at least 48 hours before a minor ends a pregnancy.

This just doesn’t make sense!

Today, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (S. 178) was hijacked in an attempt to restrict survivors access to abortion services. This bipartisan Senate legislation aimed to support human trafficking survivors by securing their access to important victim’s services. This legislation orders criminals convicted of sex trafficking to pay fines that are put into a fund to assist survivors. It is not a pool of government money. However, a provision added at the last minute would deny these victims of sex-trafficking from using the funds for the full range of reproductive health options, specifically targeting abortion.

Over half of the victims of human and sex trafficking are women and young girls. Like victims of rape and assault, these survivors need access to ALL of the reproductive health options available to them – and providers of survivor services should not be limited by the personal views of politicians.

RMC is reaching out to mainstream Republicans in the Senate to encourage them to oppose this unnecessary restriction. This bill is meant to increase survivors access to support, not put up road-blocks to their recovery. 

Support RMC with a contribution today – and help us continue to fight unnecessary attacks on choice!

Hot News Stories (3/10/15)

The Hill (Washington, DC)
The Supreme Court on Monday tossed out a lower court’s ruling that required the University of Notre Dame to cover all forms of birth control for its employees under ObamaCare.

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
Poor women are five times as likely as affluent women to have an unintended birth, new research from the Brookings Institution shows — and that drives inequality.

KSN News (Tulsa, OK)
The Oklahoma House has passed anti-choice legislation designed to prevent embryonic stem cell research in the state.

Hot News Stories (3/9/15)

ABC News (USA)
The U.S. Supreme Court is ordering a federal appeals court to take another look at the University of Notre Dame’s lawsuit over the health overhaul law’s rules on paying for contraceptives.

The Observer-Reporter (Charleston, WV)
Despite the governor’s disapproval, West Virginia lawmakers cemented an anti-choice ban on abortion 20 weeks after conception into law.

Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA)
The New Mexico House is expected to consider two anti-choice bills, one banning certain abortions and the other requiring parental notification 48 hours before ending a minor’s pregnancy.


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