In recent years, many states have tried and failed to pass restrictive, anti-choice personhood amendments to drastically undermine women and families’ individual liberties. In the recent 2014 Midterm Elections, two states–North Dakota and Colorado–defeated such measures, both by 65% of the vote. Other states that have recently attempted take this issue into the voting booths include Mississippi, Oklahoma, Virginia and Nevada. While personhood has been soundly defeated in the voting booths, it is important to understand the particulars of this

Personhood Talking Points

A number of our members have been asking for some quick, concise talking points to us when they are informing friends, family, and neighbors of the threat personhood poses to not just personal freedoms; but to state constitutions as a whole. Here are 6 brief facts for you to use. For more detailed information about personhood and the dangerous effects its passage would have, click here.

  • Most personhood initiatives would ban abortion in every instance- including rape and life of the mother. No exceptions.
  • If passed, personhood could potentially outlaw more than just abortion: emergency contraception, birth control, in-vitro fertilization, and stem cell research would be at risk.
  • Women who miscarry during pregnancy could be charged with negligent manslaughter under personhood.
  • Personhood, a national initiative based in Colorado, seeks to permanently change state Constitutions to benefit a single interest group.
  • The whole “ploy” behind personhood is to get one state to pass it and use personhood to challenge Roe v Wade. That state- and its taxpayers- would foot the likely enormous legal bill that would incur from such an endeavor.
  • Personhood is so extreme, most “pro-life” organizations like the National Right to Life and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops refuse to back it. Personhood is only sponsored by the most radical and militant of the anti-choice crowd.

Want to learn more about Personhood? Click here for our more detailed report. Make sure you’re involved in the fight against Personhood. Click here for the list of states that are being invaded by this nationwide attack on personal freedoms.

3 Comments on “Personhood”

  1. Sandy says:

    There are other draconian bills regarding women’s reproductive rights, besides what you have stated above. When will your group go to the national media and state how appalled your group is with these bills throughout the United States. Also, it will affect Title X, monies that fund clinics who care for the men and women who do not have insurance or very little insurance. I urge you to go to the media to let the pro-choice community know you are with them.

  2. k. Daspit says:

    I am a pro-choice, independent. I will become a Republican if and when you became a reasonable party about social issues, unfair tax advantages for the ultra wealthy, corporate taxes, military spending and war mongering.
    I am surprised that there are those of you that feel you can vote Republican in the meantime.
    Do you really think the Republican party can rid itself of the extremists whose identity is based on imposing moral values through government?
    I wish you well, but have serious doubts about the validity of your ultimate misison.
    Please tell me I am wrong.

  3. Chalek says:

    I am glad your group exists but you need to write Letters to the Editor- in particular to the New York Times and get your message out that you can be Republican and fully support a woman’s right to choice. These religious conservatives are setting back the clock and have learned nothing from history. Please speak up!

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