#REALRepublicans Are Fighting Back!

With state legislative sessions now in full swing, extremists are back pushing anti-choice bills aimed at limiting women’s access to preventive medicine. But for every absurd remark about women’s libido’s – there are more REAL Republican voices speaking out for individual rights.

This week an Indiana Republican, state Representative Sean Eberhart, spoke out defiantly against a bill proposing increased government regulation of reproductive health facilities saying, We continue to make it more and more difficult with unnecessary regulations for a woman to choose a legal procedure.

Representative Eberhart says he is personally pro-life, but he recognizes that personal medical decisions should be left to individuals and their families. He was the ONLY member of either party to vote against this medically unnecessary, big-government bill in a state House committee hearing.

We need your help today to support commonsense Republicans like Representative Eberhart who aren’t affraid to stand up to opposition from both sides. If you are tired of right-wing extremists claiming to represent OUR Republican party – speak up now, and help us prove that REAL Republicans value individual liberty and limited government.  We must work together to fight extremism in our party – show your support today!

Tell Congress to Get Back to Work!


Already today we’ve heard from many of you who are disappointed by Congress’ failure to come together and find a solution to avoid the government shut down.  But there is hope. There remain mainstream Republicans (and RMC allies) who understand that dialogue and discussion are not a sign of weakness but are the keys to moving forward. Here are recent statements from just a few of these commonsense leaders:

Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) spent Monday trying to convince fellow mainstream Republicans to to take a stand against the extremists, “I think now it’s imperative that we just fund the government, get on with the business of governing.”

Similarly, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said that what is playing out in Washington “is an effort to clearly raise the profile in terms of why the Affordable Care Act is not working, why we really haven’t worked to reform health care. But does it solve the problem that we’re dealing with? No, it really doesn’t.”

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) echoed this call for a return to practical, solutions-based policy.  “We have an obligation to govern and it does not make sense to link defunding ObamaCare, as much as I’d like to see that come about, with a measure that is essential to keep government funding.”

We need to show these commonsense conservatives that they are not standing alone. Join us today in telling Congress to get back to work!  If you have recently made a donation- Thank you! If not, please consider making a contribution now, to help RMC continue supporting these outspoken common sense conservatives!

Yes! Pro-Choice Republicans are Real!

ImageNorth Dakota State Representative and commonsense Republican, Kathy Hawken bravely stood up against the state’s drastic anti-choice abortion ban. In our recent membership mailer we included a thank you postcard for Rep. Hawken asking you to send it along to show your gratitude — and your voices were heard!

In a recent interview Rep. Hawken noted that she received hundreds of postcards from across the nation thanking her for standing up for pro-choice Republicans everywhere. “The support has been truly heartwarming. Both men and women saying thank you for speaking out,” said Hawken.

Your voices are encouraging mainstream Republican leaders to fight for commonsense reproductive health policy. And you can’t stop now!  Make a donation today to help RMC engage more pro-choice GOP leaders on the state level. 
Rep. Hawken also had this to say about the GOP, “It’s sad. I have had a pretty good number of people say to me, “I no longer have a party.” These were good Republicans who supported the party and the candidates, and they’ve just reached a point where it’s gotten so radical that they just don’t want to be a part of it. They can’t find a place where they fit.”

We, too, have heard this message from many RMC members. But as mainstream Republicans, we cannot stay silent and let the extremists keep their grip on the future of the Republican Party.  Join or renew your membership to RMC today, and make sure the GOP hears from real Republicans now.

Read the rest of the interview with Rep. Hawken here.