RMC Rallies at SCOTUS: Susan Bevan’s Remarks

Hello, I am Susan Bevan, National Co-Chair of the Republican Majority for Choice. I am a pro-choice Republican – and I am ALSO “pro-life” – having had children that I very much wanted. What I am NOT, is anti-choice, or merely pro-BIRTH. I am thrilled to follow my friend Richard Blumenthal, the Senator from my state of Connecticut – and equally pleased to be preceding Senator Patty Murray, a Senator from the beautiful state where I was raised, the “other” Washington.

My Co-Chair, Candy Straight, and I were joined by twenty current and former Republican officeholders in filing our amicus brief. The officeholders who joined us have, combined, served more than 250 years in office and have dedicated their careers to protecting their constituents’ personal freedoms.  For over twenty-five years, Republican Majority for Choice has supported pro-choice Republican candidates, worked with pro-choice Republican legislators and fought for the real Republican ideal of a small, less burdensome government that trusts its people to decide what is best for them. RMC urges Republican leaders to look forward – to learn the facts and focus on SOLUTIONS, not obstructions or reversals.

A basic American axiom is that our citizens have the right to be free from unwarranted government interference. Individual liberty was always thought to be central to the philosophy of the Republican Party. In fact, the 2012 Republican platform said:  “TRUST the people.  LIMIT government.”  These ideals cannot be applied in some instances and ignored in others.  They must extend to all policy areas, including social issues.

There is no doubt – abortion is controversial and divisive – an issue where people of good conscience disagree. Nonetheless, Government must protect this right and cannot mandate a singular “moral” code or particular set of religious beliefs.  No matter how deeply legislators hold those individual views, their position does not grant them license to impose their beliefs upon American citizens.  Facts matter – and laws matter.

An ideologically motivated legislation such as HB2 designed to deny a woman’s right to choose is antithetical to the core American philosophy that only through small, less-intrusive government will ALL individual rights be honored and preserved.

No matter what your politics are, we must respect constitutional rights and settled law.  Thank you.

Potential SCOTUS Nominee: Mainstream, Pro-Choice Republican

This just in: the White House is vetting Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada for the United States Supreme Court. The Republican Governor is a former federal judge and law professor. Though this would be an unconventional pick for a Democratic administration, Sandoval has the legal scholarship and experience any President would seek for a SCOTUS vacancy. The White House notes this potential choice is not political, however, we can’t help but wonder if the Senate will allow this pick from President Obama and whether or not Democrats will back this choice.

Though Sandoval has yet to confirm whether or not he would accept a SCOTUS nomination, he noted the privilege of serving on the Court and called it the “essence of justice in this country.” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid came out in support of a Sandoval nomination Wednesday, saying that he’s been a good judge and good for the state of Nevada.

The most interesting aspect of this potential SCOTUS nomination is that Governor Sandoval is a solutions-first leader. He consistently represents commonsense, conservative viewpoints that the majority of the American people are looking for – this is a new twist worth watching!

Only One Week Left: Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt

Next week, the US Supreme Court will hear final arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a case originating in Texas regarding women’s reproductive health rights. Stephanie Toti, the head litigator for the case with experience in advocating for reproductive health rights, will argue that the growing number of laws restricting women’s access to safe abortions is unconstitutional.

This case has major implications on the state of women’s reproductive health– not only in Texas, but also nationwide. As some lawmakers attempt to circumvent the Roe v. Wade decision using TRAP laws and other regulations specifically targeted at abortion providers, clinics around the country are closing, making it increasingly difficult for women to receive adequate reproductive health care. TRAP laws successfully close clinics by imposing extreme regulations that force providers to pay exorbitant amounts of money for implementation– making it too expensive to stay afloat and to continue offering their helpful services.

Toti notes the obvious repercussions this case’s outcome would have on the national state of women’s health: “The standard that the Supreme Court sets in this case will affect access to abortion all over the country. If these Texas laws are upheld, similar laws currently subject to litigation in other states will be, too”—in places like Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. And if those states follow suit, “it will threaten to eliminate abortion access for women,” she says.

The United States can’t afford to move backward instead of forward on an issue that affects women, families and the economy. We know there are proven, effective ways to lower the rate of unintended and teen pregnancy and the rates of abortion while upholding the constitutional protection of privacy and individual freedom to make medical decisions.

Republican Majority for Choice has been front and center in this debate. We are successfully lobbying Congress to maintain funding for common-sense, effective preventive family planning programs. Additionally, our group has joined the fight at the Supreme Court by filing our first-ever amicus brief by outlining key GOP arguments for why the court must find these TRAP laws unconstitutional.

The RMC team will be at the Court on March 2nd showing our support when the justices hear this case. Our National Co-Chair, Susan Bevan, will act as a key speaker at the rally and press conference ensuring Republican voices are heard and represented.  Pro-choice Republicans are not anti-life– we are standing up for the core GOP ideals of limited government control and personal freedom. We hope you join us on March 2nd at the Supreme Court to support our efforts, press work and lobby work in person. However, if you can’t be there, you can still show your support and let your voice be heard by donating today.

We need your support to ensure success is these vital efforts to ensure personal liberty.

A Common-Sense Response to Settled Law: SCOTUS Rejects Revival of Arkansas Abortion Ban

The ongoing debate regarding women’s reproductive health law has gained even more attention this week, as the US Supreme Court refused to revive an Arkansas law that would ban abortions after 12 weeks– thus allowing the pre-viablity standard to remain.

The Arkansas law, according to federal judges, was inconsistent with previous SCOTUS rulings that typically tie pregnancy termination rights to viability. Fetal viability, or the supposed ability of the fetus to survive outside the womb, is said to usually be reached at 22-24 weeks of pregnancy. The law was an attempt by anti-choice lawmakers to find loopholes in Constitutional rights for women’s reproductive health and to overturn the basic premise of 1973 Roe v. Wade decision– one that that legalized abortion until viability while allowing states to regulate and restrict the procedure post-viability.

The Supreme Court is set to review two other reproductive health-related laws in the coming months.  This week’s move lends support to the notion that the right to choose is settled law and recognized that decisions about a woman’s pregnancy should be made by herself, her family and her medical practitioner– not by the government.

We look to activists on all sides of this issue to join us in focusing on real solutions that prevent unintended pregnancy in the first place. With greater access to information, education and contraception, we can achieve the mutually desired goal of wanted and healthy pregnancies as well as reducing the rate of abortions.

RMC’s Voice to be Heard by Supreme Court!

RMC needs your help to activate a common-sense Republican position in the upcoming Supreme Court deliberation!

While last night marked the final GOP debate of 2015, RMC’s work is ramping up with some very exciting efforts!  Our Judicial Watch Team is working hard to complete our first-ever amicus brief which will be submitted to the United States Supreme Court.

That’s right– RMC is leading the effort to ensure a common sense, true limited-government GOP position is included in the deliberation process of the highly-anticipated Supreme Court case regarding clinic access laws. This case, pertaining to Texas, is similar to laws being passed in multiple states across the nation.

As such, the outcome of this case will effect women and families across the country. RMC is standing up when many Republicans walk away.

Thanks to our work and our requests, we have secured the support of former Governors, Congresspeople, GOP leaders, Candidates and State elected leaders to join our briefs.

What we need now is YOUR HELP!

We are just $3900 away from reaching our budget to complete this project and fully promote the message, effort and importance widely.

We know many of you have already donated this year and we thank you! However, many more donors from years past have not yet supported RMC and our important work this year– let today be the day you renew your pledge as we stand up for issues that are really impacting the lives of millions.

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