Hot News Stories (10/31/14)

San Antonio Current (San Antonio, TX)

Given the choice, Texas teens are choosing reversible long-acting contraceptive methods like implants and IUDS. Providing the implant and injection birth control to adolescent women is part of San Antonio’s multipronged effort to address the city’s high rates of teen pregnancy and teen births.

USA Today (USA)

Anti-choice Amendment 1 in Tennessee, which would give the state the power to outlaw abortion, is turning into a fierce and expensive battle over the right to choose.

AZ Central (Phoenix, AZ)

Anti-choice activists have pushed through edits on an Honors Biology textbook used in Arizona, in order to discourage young people from considering the option of abortion.

Hot News Stories (10/30/14)

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)

Despite the buzz over anti-choice Amendment 1, which could make abortion illegal in Tennessee, the state’s early voter turnout is lower than usual.

Alabama News (Huntsville, AL)

Anti-choice activists in Alabama are going to court this week to try to shut down the only reproductive health clinic that offers abortion services in the northern part of the state.

The Atlantic (USA)

If Texas’ extreme anti-choice law once again goes into effect, not only would time and distance be a factor for women seeking safe and legal abortion services, but cost as well.

RMC Remembers Chair Emeritus, Samuel F. Pryor, III- 1928-2014

The National Board of Directors and staff of the Republican Majority for Choice mourn the loss of our founding Chair Emeritus, Samuel F. Pryor, III who has passed away after a lengthy illness.  We send our sincere condolences to his wife Sally, his five children and nine grandchildren and thank them for generously sharing Sam with us for so many years.

Born in Greenwich, CT in 1928, Sam epitomized the full measure of a renaissance man. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania Law school, Sam was a Marine Corp veteran and an esteemed member of the law firm Davis Polk and Wardwell first running their Paris office and then in the flagship offices in New York City specializing in capital and environmental issues.

Sam’s commitment to reproductive choice was unequivocal.  As the first co-chair of a Republican pro-choice political action committee whose creation was urged by then NY Governor George Pataki, Sam’s involvement and influence grew when he joined the Board of the Republican Pro-Choice Alliance that joined forces with two other Republican pro-choice groups to form the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition. With offices in New York and Washington, DC, Sam agreed to co-chair this merged organization in 1999. As a result of his tireless leadership and steady hand, Sam influenced the passage of pro-choice legislation in both NY and at the federal level, oversaw the distribution of over a million dollars in direct PAC support to vetted pro-choice Republican candidates in both New York and for federal office across the country.  Sam’s ready smile, strategic approach to the sometimes dizzying world of politics and his tenacious respect for women and families made his tenure as our co-chair and national board member the most productive in our history. We will be forever grateful.

In addition to his political work, Sam was a President of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Chair of the Westchester Land Trust, Directors of the Land Trust Alliance, Scenic Hudson, New York Audubon, the National Forest Foundation and the League of Conversation Voters, both in New York and nationally.  Sam also served as the Chairman of the World Rehabilitation Fund and as a director of Women’s eNews.

Funeral services will be held at St Matthews Church in Bedford on Nov. 1 at 11 am. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Northern Westchester Hospital and the Westchester Land Trust.

Click here for the obituary

Hot News Stories: 10/29/14

WDTN News 2 (Moraine, OH)
A federal judge has ruled that a small Ohio company doesn’t have to offer birth control coverage as part of its employees’ health insurance plan.


North Dakota upheld an anti-choice law that bans the use of the abortion pill- the safest and earliest method of the procedure. This is just the latest anti-choice move in the state, which is steadily making moves to decrease women’s access to all reproductive health options.

RH Reality Check (USA)

State lawmakers nationwide have passed legislation to restrict access to reproductive health care, but in New Mexico, attempts to restrict reproductive health care have gained little traction

Anti-Choice Measures to Look Out for in North Dakota

North Dakota is currently the center for two debates concerning the right to choose.
The first decision at hand was made on Tuesday, when the state Supreme Court passed a measure banning abortion drugs.

The abortion pill is the safest and earliest method of the procedure and is only available for women within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. North Dakota currently has only one remaining clinic (yes, there is only one) that performs the procedure, thus this anti-choice legislation drastically reduces access to safe, early and legal abortion for women across the state.

Then there is the ongoing debate over Measure 1, an initiative that will be on the ballot next Tuesday, November 4th. This anti-choice ‘personhood’ measure states that life begins at conception. If the court’s decision over the drugs effectively outlaws abortion, this measure would completely stamp it out in the state. It is up to the voters of North Dakota to determine the fate of the measure.
Personhood laws, by declaring that life begins at conception, outlaw abortion and put access to other forms of reproductive health care, including birth control and in vitro fertilization at risk by defining life as beginning at fertilization. This means that once an egg is fertilized it has all the same rights as the other citizens of the state, creating many legal blockades for women to obtain the care they need. Dangerous personhood measures have been rejected by voters in previous years in Montana, Colorado and Mississippi – and in Mississippi the effort was rejected by a landslide.

North Dakota is already home to some of the nation’s harshest abortion restrictions, and once even tried to put a dangerous six-week ban ban in place, before many women even know they are pregnant. although that was later overturned by a federal judge.  While North Dakota is home to some of the nation’s most radical anti-choice laws, it is also home to one of our strongest pro-choice Republican advocates, state representative Kathy Hawken. Rep. Hawken has been a voice for choice in the statehouse, and we hope that others in her state will stand behind her when it comes to these attempts to clear out the right to choose from North Dakota.


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