Hot News Stories (10/24/14)

Alabama News (Birmingham, AL)
Two closed family planning clinics in Alabama have reopened, giving the state a total of five licensed clinics that offer abortion services, but how long most remain open depends on the outcome of a pending lawsuit.

OPB News (Portland, OR)
Oregon is about to try a new strategy to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the state as part of an ongoing health-care overhaul. It’s the first state in the nation to experiment with this particular strategy that will provide increased education on contraceptive methods to families on Medicaid.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
While state legislatures across the country pile on more anti-choice restrictions, bills in California have increased access to reproductive healthcare. 

Hot News Stories (10/23/14)

ABC 33/40 (Birmingham, AL)
Two previously closed reproductive health clinics in Alabama were reopened, giving the state a total of five, but their fate still hangs in the balance. The outcome of a lawsuit will determine whether or not they can stay open.
A measure in North Dakota that would put the nation’s most radical personhood law in place has often been overlooked in discussions of the coming election. However, the law would have extreme anti-choice effects for women.
The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
A judge in Oklahoma refuses requests to block new anti-choice laws that will go into effect on Nov. 1. The laws will place new restrictions on abortion drugs, making doctors follow outdated and risky protocols in order to administer them.

Hot News Stories (10/22/14)

KJRH 2 (Tulsa, OK)
A family planning clinic in Oklahoma is challenging the state’s anti-choice laws that are set to take effect on Nov. 1. They say that the law “violates women’s fundamental rights to choose to terminate a pregnancy and to bodily integrity.”

WATE (Knoxville, TN)
Amendment 1, which is on the ballot in Tennessee this November, is sparking conversations about clinic regulations in the state. If the law passes, it would open the doors for all sorts of anti-choice decisions as the law essentially takes away the right to an abortion.

Mooresville Tribune (Mooresville, NC)
Even though the teen pregnancy rate in North Carolina has dropped in recent years, challenges remain when helping the young women who do become pregnant and helping them sort out their options.

Hot News Stories (10/21/14)

WCYB (Bristol, VA)

One city council in Tennessee has already passed a resolution in favor of anti-choice Amendment 1, which voters will decide on in the November elections. The measure makes moves to effectively ban abortion.

News Tribune (LaSalle, IL)

Illinois voters will vote on five questions this November, including one that responds to the Hobby Lobby ruling from this summer, asking whether voters want birth control to be covered by state health plans.

Corpus Christie Caller Times (Corpus Christi, TX)

Polls in Texas show that the state has varied opinions on abortion, and the state laws that were recently put on hold by the Supreme Court.

Hot News Stories (10/20/14)

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)

The debate over anti-choice Amendment 1, which would effectively ban abortion in Tennessee, has drawn many voters to the polls, but with split sides on the issue.

Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)

Recent research shows that there is a strong sex-education gap in the United States correlated to how much education teens have received. Education often correlates with economic standing, showing that the poorer a woman is the higher the likelihood that she does not know enough about the most effective birth control options.

KRMG (Tulsa, OK)

A new anti-choice law in Oklahoma is threatening family planning clinics that also offer abortions, even though physicians are doing everything they can to comply with it. 


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